Smoking, excessive alcohol and other addictions have a negative impact on the quality of ageing              

Say no smoking and drink 

"Since food is the fuel for the body, a good nourishing diet, well balanced with fruits and vegetables, is essential for the proper functioning of thee body. 

Balanced diet 

Exercise also plays an important role in the quality of ageing. it keeps the muscles strong and toned, gives strength and also increases the release of feel good hormones which keep the person happy. 

Regular exercise 

Exercise also helps in maintaining the ideal weight which helps in keeping the obesity linked diseases away 

Control obesity 

A regular timely 7-8 hour sleep is essential for the body to rejuvenate itself. 

Regular sleep 

Being social and meeting friends is directly proportional to good mental health. it can make you feel happier and lighten your mood. this promises good brain health and lower risk of dementia. 

Be social 

Live a stress-free life

Regular health checkups

The takeaway 

These steps help in reducing morbidity and mortality. keeping these in mind, one needs to have a holistic approach to have a long and healthy life.

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