Try and select wholefood for meals and snacks every time.

Avoid Processed Food 

Inadequate hydration often presents false hunger pangs, which are often then satisfied with processed foods such as chocolate and other confectionery.

Hydrate when you can 

Ensuring that a bottle of water is always available, at your desk, in your car, etc, will help you keep fluid levels topped up, make your skin look great, and fending off false hunger symptoms.

Keep Water Handy 

The calories From alcohol in beer, wine and Spirits are stored as body fat if they're not used at the time of consumption, so reducing your alcohol intake will help with your weight loss programme.

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Go Easy On The Booze 

Try alternating an alcoholic drink with water. This will keep the calories down as well as combating the dehydrating  effects of  the alcohol. dehydration can lead  to false hunger signs.

Alternate Your Drinks On A Night Out 

Do not bend your back. look foward and keep your butt and ab muscles contracted.

Dos and don'ts

It's a Common Misconception when building muscle that you should eat as  much protein as possible.

Don't Overdose On Protein 

The 'energy cost' of a body with a greater muscle mass is higher than that of a body carrying excess body fat. 

Muscle Burns More 

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