Crunches at onee point was considered to be the beest abss  exercise but seveeraal studiees  busteed the myth.

Exercise to Flatten abs

Isometric exercises are best to deefine your  abs

According to the study....

Planks andd other related moves These exercises make  you contract and hold your core muscles for more than 10 seconds.

Isometric exercises include...

Planks do not solely work on your abdominal muscles but also your back muscles.

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Benefits of planks  

This makes you hold your body in a straight line, resting on your arms and toes for a few seconds (some do it for longeer than 2 minutes too)

The best exercise is Plank in Hollow 

Do not bend your back. look foward and keep your butt and ab muscles contracted.

Dos and don'ts

While planks are highly beneficial, you will need to include more isometric  exercises  to work your overall muscular  strength.

Planks alone are not enough 

Glute bridge, side plank, wall sit, high plank, Calf raise and hold are some other useful exercises.

isometric exercises to try 

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